My Raw Food Diet Recipes

The many benefits of the Raw Food Diet

If you have been looking for raw food diet recipes, you have come to the right place, and probably already understand the incredible health benefits of the raw food diet.  So if you already know the benefits, and just want the recipes, skip the next few paragraphs that highlight some of the great benefits of a raw food diet, and go see the great recipe books we have below!

If you are new to the raw food diet, or would like a recap of why it is called the supreme diet, I will give you just a few of the advantages of the raw food diet.

Alkalinity – First of all (these are not in any particular order), raw foods are mostly alkaline, which is what our bodies need to function at optimal health.  According to Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, who wrote Alkalize or Die,  if we have an acid forming diet, we are bringing on an early death.

Fiber – Secondly, raw foods are high in fiber, which keeps the colon clean.  The recommended daily amount for fiber is 35 mgs,  and most people don’t even get half of that!  It is a well known fact that 95% of all disease begins in the colon, so keeping it healthy will avoid many health problems!

Potassium – The raw food diet is wonderfully high in potassium, of which most people do not even get 1/4 of their daily requirement!  Since potassium is one of the few nutrients that cannot be gotten (safely) from a pill, the only way to get it is from food.  Did you know – potassium is to soft tissues, as calcium is to the bones?  So potassium is essential for a healthy heart, and for youthful skin.  If you crave salty foods, you are most likely potassium deficient.

Disease prevention or cure – I have heard that it takes only about a cup of broccoli a week to prevent some kinds of cancer.   Raw foods are so beneficial that they help prevent disease.  A daily diet of raw food has cured many people of many different kinds of diseases (not everyone of everything, for the disclaimer).

Youthful appearance and energy – Since raw foods have enzymes and potassium, they so nourish the body so that a youthful appearance often is the result, and TONS OF ENERGY, once the toxins are cleared out!

Weight loss – Weight loss is easily gotten with the raw food diet.  The thing about this is, since you are being so well nourished, you won’t really feel hungry, even if you have to skip a meal.  Granted you may want to taste your old foods, but just remember that they were probably the cause of your problems in the first place!  Also, after being on raw foods for even a short time, the old foods don’t taste so good any more.

So, if you want more energy, better skin, and prevention/overcome disease, the raw food diet does what no other diet can do.

Live Unfired Foods 8×11 Edition: a $40 value!

  • Recipes for every occasion that are easy to prepare

    Over 400 Raw Food Recipes!
  • 8×11 perfect bound
  • Readily available ingredients in most recipes
  • Over 400 Everyday, no nonsense, simple recipes
  • Easy to prepare, yet delicious treats, such as ice creams and cookies
  • More than double the recipes found in most recipe books!

As a person who has bought many raw food recipe books myself, and even though I love raw gourmet dishes, I know that when a recipe requires 2 pages for instructions, I flinch. Most of us have a life outside of the kitchen (or, I try to!).

Someday, I will hire a raw foods chef, but until then, I will continue to use this treasured little volume loaded with raw food recipes.

The Live Unfired Foods Ebook, value $23.97

For those who want to access these recipes today, rather than wait for the mail, or who want to print them out into an 8.5″ x 11″ book.  This ebook has a beautiful, easy to read font that looks handwritten.  Print them out into your own binder for a unique recipe book today!

My Personal Recipe Book, value $14.95 

Instead of the recipe box, record your favorite recipes in your own book!

Benefits of owning My Personal Recipe Book include:

  • You can write in your own recipes, and record them in the index for easy finding
  • NO more lost recipe cards, or recipe card clutter!
  • 7 tabbed dividers (besides the index) to label/decorate as you choose, perfect for the scrapbooker!
  • Save 210 of your favorite recipes in your own book
  • 6″ x 9″ size with heavy duty spiral binding is easy to use!
  • A perfect gift for brides, moms, girls’ hope chests, and for guys who like to cook!

My Personal Recipe Book, a family memory keepsake!

Blank Recipe Book

What price can you put on keeping your recipes in the family?

The Nutrition Chart Book and ebook, value 15.95 + 15.95 = 31.90

Over 50 pgs of charts!

The Nutrition Chart eBook is an invaluable tool for those on the raw food diet!

However, anyone interested in knowing:

  • where to get certain nutrients
  • and what those nutrients do for the body

You will love this book and the tons of info at your fingertips.

The first half of this 56 page book has the vitamin, mineral, and protein, fat, carb, and caloric content of many types of foods – not just raw foods.  From this information, you can easily see how you can get the protein you need from raw food, and why raw food is generally superior in nutrition.

Look in the first half of the book if you want to determine what is in a particular food, such as what’s in a banana, besides potassium.

The second half of the book is a sort of reverse of the first half.  Each vitamin and mineral is described, and info on dosages, augmenting nutrients, anti-vitamins, sources (both plant and animal), deficiency symptoms, therapeutic applications, and more is given.  Each vitamin and mineral in this section is conveniently put onto one page, for ease of use.  This is a very eye opening, informative section of the Nutrition Chart Book, as it reveals what body parts are affected by each nutrient, or lack thereof.

Also included is a handy list of Acid and Alkaline foods.

10 Reasons for the Raw Food Diet (download), value $2.99

This is a handy, one page compilation of all the great reasons to eat raw!  Print it out on your own fancy paper, and hang it on your wall as a continual source of inspiration!

The No Breakfast Plan and The Fasting Cure, value $15.99 

An Amazing eBook!


Maybe you have heard about the benefits of fasting, but most likely you have not heard about the benefits of not eating your breakfast!  It is true, there are many benefits to skipping this “most important” meal of the day.  This excellent book tells the physiology behind the No Breakfast Plan.

Although it was written in 1900, it was written by a doctor who was well ahead of his time, whose insight into the path of healing comes from his many post-mortem examinations to discover the true cause of death, and is a book I highly recommend to anyone interested in achieving optimal health. He builds a solid case that proves the brain’s role in healing, and how to assist the brain in this vital role.

There are so many accounts of people’s lives being changed; Dr. Dewey gives very detailed accounts of how to fast, and what you can expect on extended fasts. Although the writing is turn of the century, this book has changed my life.  I am pleased to offer this ebook to you as an added bonus to the Live Unfired Foods Deluxe Package.

An overview of what you get in the Super Package:

Live Unfired Foods, 8×11 edition, value $40.00

The Live Unfired Foods ebook, value $23.97

My Personal Recipe Book, Deluxe Edition, value $20.00

The Nutrition Chart Book, value $31.90

10 Reasons for the Raw Food Diet, value$2.99

The No Breakfast Plan and The Fasting Cure, value $15.99

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