EMF Protection

Electromagnetic frequency radiation is becoming an ever-increasing problem.  While it’s not something talked about much, I am writing about EMF Protection because I believe my readers need to know about this.

EMF, or, electromagnetic frequencies, stand in the way of achieving optimal health, especially if a person is already battling a disease.  Every line of defense in our body is controlled by our brains, so if the brain is “under attack”, then the brain’s ability to  fight off disease is compromised.

EMFs not only compromise our brains, but our DNA, especially in the parts of the body near phones, laptops, etc. I believe it is the number one threat we face today.

Our bodies are essentially a complex electrical system. As the earth has a frequency of about 7.8, so our bodies have a similar frequency.

Of the electronics most people are exposed to on a daily (and around the clock) basis, the cell phone is a tremendous threat, emitting radiation levels far beyond the safety range, even with the older flip-phone! Computer screens also have a far higher frequency.  Wi-fi is present in many homes and most businesses, and is also many times higher than the human frequency.

What this means, is that, unless we have protection from EMFs, the frequencies that are stronger will affect the weaker frequencies. The physics of how EMF protection works is fascinating, but I have read enough, and, yes, experienced enough to know that we can be protected.

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