Nutrition Charts Book

Over 50 pages of charts!

Now available as a hardcopy!

The Nutrition Chart Book is an invaluable tool for those on the raw food diet!

However, anyone interested in knowing:

  • where to get certain nutrients
  • and what those nutrients do for the body

You will love this book and the tons of info at your fingertips! There are 56 pages, mostly nutrition charts!

The first half of the book has the vitamin, mineral, and protein, fat, carb, and caloric content of many types of foods – not just raw foods.  From this information, you can easily see how you can get the protein you need from raw food, and why raw food is generally superior in nutrition.

Look in the first half of the book if you want to determine what is in a particular food, such as what’s in a banana, besides potassium.

The second half of the book is a sort of reverse of the first half.  Each vitamin and mineral is described, and info on dosages, augmenting nutrients, anti-vitamins, sources (both plant and animal), deficiency symptoms, therapeutic applications, and more is given.  Each vitamin and mineral in this section is conveniently put onto one page, for ease of use.  This is a very eye opening, informative section of the Nutrition Chart Book, as it reveals what body parts are affected by each nutrient, or lack thereof.

Also included is a handy list of Acid and Alkaline foods.

An eye-opening book, it is sure to help you understand what you should eat and why!

for only $12.99